Category: Power

Powerful Straight Wrists

You wonder how some players can out drive you without wrist cock at the top of their swing.

Increase Your Power

You are wondering if you should practice with a weighted club to increase your power.

Slower Tempo

You know that swinging at 80 to 85 percent power is ideal for gaining accuracy and distance. However, you cannot seem to do it.

Tilt Back

You want to gain a little more distance.

Head Up

You cannot seem to get a good coil and keep your head down at the same time.

Apply Pressure

You want more yardage and need to improve on accuracy.

A Good Finish

You need more power but cannot seem to stop focusing on every detail of your swing.

Going the Distance

You really wish you could hit just a little further than usual on this next shot.

Swing Speed Control

You can never seem to find the correct speed to swing during your pitch shots.

Better Rhythm

You need an easy way to establish a more natural rhythm and feel to your distance swings.