Category: Power

Unleash Power

You need to create a more a powerful swing.

Hip Delay for Power

You want hit your long irons further and more consistently.

Glove Power Drill

You feel disjointed every time you try to create a wider swing for more power.

Be Angry

You want longer drives; however it is hard for you to take a faster forward swing than your backswing.

Acceleration Drill

You need to increase the speed of your drives for more distance.

Lag Angle

You want more distance without having to take a long backswing.

Restrict Your Hips

You have a very fast turn yet are not getting the power or accuracy that you desire.

Point Your Thumb

Based on your great turn and speed, you know you should have longer drives but cannot pinpoint the problem.

Shift Like a Pro

You notice that professional players tend to have a little lateral movement that helps them gain distance. Yet, when you try to add this movement into your swing, it causes you to sway and lose power.

Shake Hands

You have a powerful swing but you still do not get the distances you desire.