Category: Power

Off the Deck

You are playing a par 5 and your drive did not go very far.

On the Upswing

You want to add a little more distance.

Accelerate Past

You are making a full turn yet you are not getting the distances you should.

Flexed Knee

You hit inconsistently and lack distance.

Statue of Liberty

You want more power and notice your swing is rather flat or your arms remain fairly parallel to the ground.

Snap It

You feel that you have a good turn but you still need a more powerful swing or just want to hear more of a snap at impact. Plus, you might also notice weak slices and popups.

Jump Rope Drill

You want more speed.

Step Over Shot

You want more distance and you have the tendency of keeping your body weight on your back leg or you are getting under the ball too much.

Extend Through It

You want to gain extra distance off of your tee shots.

Pen Drill

Your swing feels tight or restricted and you are not getting the distance you want off of the tee box.