Category: Power

Loft Loss

You have noticed that you do not get the loft you desire but it is not due to hand position or changing the loft of the clubface.

Hip Angle

You have a slow swing speed due to poor hip positioning and swing path.

Forward Foot Drill

You want to get a little more clubhead speed at the bottom of your swing.

Stack It

You want to get the most distance out of your tee shots or you find that you are losing power.

Weight Back

You plan on trying to add a little more power to your drives.

Gripping the End

You want to gain a few extra yards off of your tee shots.

Driver Shaft Length

You want to gain more distance from your drives.

Extend Ahead

You need to work on gaining more distance off of the tee box.

Pull It

You want a more ball compression and power in your swing.

Extra Distance

You need a longer drive than usual.