Category: Power

Slow Release

You try to delay the hinging of your wrists or for a snap-release for more power but do not get the ball speed you desire.

Hip Check

You have the feeling that you are losing power in your swing.

Strong Legs

You need more power and have weak leg muscles.

Hitting Further

You want increased clubhead speed for more distance.

Prevent Swaying

Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.

Heels Down Drill

You want more power, a natural release, and an easy warm-up.

Baseball Drill

You want to increase power and distance. You start the downswing with your forward arm, causing slices and topped balls.

Forward Heel Down

Lifting the front heel during backswing causes a loss of power, a swing outside of the swinging plane, and the forward leg stiffens at impact.

Mirror Finish

You lose power because you decelerate instead of making a powerful follow through or you flip the club up into the air after impact.

Wide and Powerful

You want to gain more power and distance.