Category: Pulling

Chopping Wood

You hit a lot of balls off of the toe as well as see a lot of pull hooks and pull slices.

Rolling Wrists

You do not feel a natural hinge in your wrists as you take the club back and notice that the ball either pulls or slices.

Grip Position

Hooking, pulling, or slicing due to poor hand position.

Collar Drill

You want to draw the ball without making any adjustments to your swing or have a weak slice.

Tucked Elbow

You are confident that your body is square to the target at set up yet you still see mostly pulled iron shots with deep divots.

Pulled or Pushed Chip

You consistently pull or push your chip shots.

Avoid Outside

You get a lot of pop-ups, pulls, and pull-slices.

Aim Test

You consistently hit straight to the right or left.

Head Behind

You focus on keeping your head perfectly still, down, or your eyes on the ball. Your head moves forward during the downswing and causes a weak shot or a pulled slice.

Use the Bounce

You consistently have a hard time hitting out of a sand bunker because you do not know how to play the bounce of your sand wedge.