Category: Pushing

Uneven Topping

You push or top the ball when the ball is below your feet.

Tension Pusher

You tend to push your drives when you are under a lot of pressure.

The Push Slicer

You push slice the ball.

Blocked Shot

You keep pushing your drives. You think that you made a good backswing but you know something goes wrong during the forward swing because your upper body seems to move excessively or faster ahead than your lower body.

Pulled or Pushed Chip

You consistently pull or push your chip shots.

Aim Test

You consistently hit straight to the right or left.

Cock Your Head

You see a lot of high and short shots that either hook or push right of the target.

Swinging From the Inside

You need more power and push or slice the ball because you have too steep of an out-to-in swinging path.

High Finish

You try to finish high during your follow through and notice that you suffer from a flying left elbow, if you are right handed. This can cause you to hit the ball with the heel of the club, hit the ball thin, or see pushed shots because you are squaring the clubface with your body instead of your hands and arms.

The Compact Iron Shot

When you take a shortened swing with your irons, the ball flies weakly to the right.