Category: Putter

Square Putting

Your putts keep rolling towards the right or left.

Lag Putting

You are having difficulty reading the break on a long putt or you want to learn how to lag your putts.

Yips or Pressure

You suspect that you have the yips because you see unpredictable speed and direction.

Last Few Feet

Your long putts roll true to your line yet you still miss cup.

Roll the Ball

You want to gain a better feel for the speed of the greens.

Putting Speed

Your putts keep breaking earlier or later than expected.

Pay Attention

You are having difficulty with your putting.

Popup Putt

Your putts keep popping up a little off of the green before rolling.

Use Your Hat

You consistently push or pull your putts.

Level Stroke

Your hands are overactive while putting or you see too many inconsistent putts.