Category: Putter

Mirror Putting

You need to improve your aim on putts.

Pace Your Putts

You want to learn how to pace off your putts.

Jerky Movements

You jerk the club due to excessive body movements while putting.

Breaking Putt Line

You want to improve your putting skills or you have a hard time reading the speed of your line or seeing where it breaks.

Tennis Ball Drill

The ball slides instead of rolls on the green due to having too much backspin while putting.

Topspin on Putts

You are getting too much topspin when putting or notice the ball bouncing after impact.

Listen for It

You miss too many short putts because your eyes and head are moving excessively during the stroke.

Grip Pressure for Putting

You want to help improve or establish the proper feel for putting by improving your grip.

Fast Greens

You are playing at a course that has much faster greens than you are used to. Your home course is using less water due to cooler temperatures, which is causing faster greens.

Clock Putting

You understand how and where the ball will break but it still does not roll into the hole.