Category: Putter

Coming Up Short

You have a great line but the ball comes up short of the hole.

Solid Wrist for Solid Putts

You come a few feet short of the hole because you allowed your top wrist to break down at impact. This causes the blade of the putter to pass your hands at contact.

Plumb Bobbing

You are having difficulty reading the break in the green.

The Uphill Putt

You overshoot the hole on a long uphill putt.

Short Putting Drill

You keep missing short putts and it is adding on unnecessary strokes to your game.

Putting Yips

You have the yips and you have already tried to cure them with positive thoughts with no success.

Grips for the Yips

You are unable to make smooth putting strokes during short putts due to jerking or pushing the putter. Sometimes you might even notice a tingling sensation or are unable to stay still when standing over the ball.

Putting Distance

You focus too much on aim and not enough on proper pace and distance. This will most result in the common 3 putt.

The Chip Putt

You have difficulty with long putts and this is probably because you bend over more than necessary when attempting a long stroke. You are less likely to perceive the distance between your lie and pin correctly if you bend over too much. This is because you tilt your head during your pre-swing…

Long Putts

You miss-hit, use too much wrist action, or do not take enough backstroke on long putts.