Category: Putter

Tap the Wet Grass

You are playing earlier than you are used to and find that are putting poorly.

Spot Putting Control

The ball is always stopping before it reaches the hole even though you take the putter back pretty far.

Wristy Putter

You feel that your arms or wrists are too active as you putt.

Bad Short Putts

You are a great putter, as long as it is 6 feet or more away from the cup. You tend to miss most of your putts that are 5 feet or less away from the cup.

Rolling Offline

Every time you purposely try to accelerate your putts, the ball rolls off of your intended line.

Putting Drill

You want a simple drill that will improve your putting skills.

Hate Putting

You no longer enjoy putting.

Rolling Short

You tend to come up short on your putts.

Random Accuracy

Sometimes you read the green great and other times you have great difficulty with it.

Jittery Golfer

You are finding it difficult to stay still while putting.