Category: Putter

Off the Toe and Heel

You pendulum putt a lot off of the toe and heel of your putter.

Overshooting Long Putts

You always overshoot your long putts when you have a downhill lie.

Bullseye Game

You have a harder time putting while playing in competitions than you do while playing a round for fun.

Toe and Heel Putting

You are constantly putting off of the toe one time and then the heel the next.

Putting Distances

You have a hard time reading distances on the green.

Pendulum Putting

You want to create a putting stroke that is more fluid without tension or deceleration.

Pace and Tempo

You are anxious about your putt because it is almost the exact same line as another player that is putting just before you.

Putt Over a Spot

You do not get as much distance out of your putts as you should.

Rushed Putter

You are having difficulties making long putts.

Lost Line

You can see your line clearly when you are standing near the cup and pacing next to your line. However, once you set up to the ball, you feel as if you have lost it.