Category: Putter

Quiet Hands Drill

Your hands or wrists move too much during your putting stroke.

Spot Putting

You tend to miss the majority of your long putts on the low side of the hole.

Wind on the Green

It is windy on the green but not windy where you are standing.

Walking Blind

You constantly come up short on all of your long putts.

Softer Pace

You have a downhill putt with a large break.

Belly Putter Inconsistency

You keep missing your putts to the left and right of the cup and you are using a belly putter.

Set the Face

You are having difficulties aiming while putting.

Short and Quick Putting

When you get nervous, your putts become short and quick. This, of course makes you miss the cup.

Foot Stop

You tend to decelerate your putts because you realize halfway through the stroke that you are swinging too quickly or using too long of a stroke.

Feel Putter

You want to improve the feel in your putting.