Category: Putter

Putt Placement

You wonder where to place the ball in your stance when putting.

Push the Putt

You get nervous about making short putts and end up missing the cup.

Three Speeds

When you get nervous, the speed of your putting increases.

Pushing Putter

It feels as if you are pushing the putter from behind, into the ball.

Pull Through Impact

You notice that the ball wobbles as it rolls on the green while putting.

Body Putter Rotation

You are using a body putter and notice that the putter does not swing along the target line.

Putter Rotation

You notice that the putterhead does not stay on the target line throughout your stroke.

Feel the Weight

You want a more natural flow to your putts.

On the Mark

You keep picking your head up before you have completed your putting stroke.

Green Skid

Your putts keep skidding across the green.