Category: Putter

Divide Your Putts

You are having difficulty reading the break on the green when there are more than one dip or bump along your line.

Putt Under a Club

You often look up during your putts. This causes you to pull your body back, moves the putter up higher during the stroke, and likely opens the putterface.

Hooked or Sliced Putts

Your putts keep curving or rolling to the left or right of the cup.

Cover the Cup

Your putts tend to come up short of the hole.

Break Game

You want to work on your ability to read the break.

Back It Up

You and your cart buddy are having difficulty putting.

Putt with Rhythm

When you practice a stroke before putting the ball, it seems ideal. However, when you actually play the ball, you cannot repeat it and putt poorly.

Hold Your Finish

The ball keeps coming up short on your putts.

Windy Putts

It is very windy while you are on the putting green.

Pouring Water

You have a difficult time reading the break on the greens.