Category: Rough

Thick Rough Pin Shot

The ball is lying deep in the rough and the pin is very close to the fringe.

Blade Your Wedge

It is windy and your ball landed in the rough near the fringe.

Miss the Tee

You have a hard time hitting out of the deep rough.

Rough Enough

You cannot ever hit the ball out of the tall rough.

Caught in the Grass

You have a greenside shot and the ball is caught in the deep rough.

Toe Through Rough

The ball is sitting down deep in the tall grass near the green and you have plenty of green to work with.

Low Trajectory Rough

The ball landed in the tall grass near the green.

Bermuda Pitch

You have a pitch shot out of the thick rough from an uphill lie.

Stiff Grass

The ball is sitting in stiff, dry grass.

Hybrid in the Rough

You have difficulties hitting the ball out of the rough or you are wondering how to hit a hybrid out of the rough.