Category: Rough

Deep Rough Height

You want to learn how to control the height of your shots out of the rough.


The ball landed somewhere off of the fairway and you will not be able to make a direct shot to reach the green.

Burnt Up Rough

The rough is shorter because it is so dry or burnt that it is crumbling or curling down away from you.

Wet Rough

Your ball landed in the rough and the tall grass is really wet.

Burnt Rough

Your ball landed in very dry or burned out rough and you still have a long distance before reaching the pin.

Edge of the Fairway

You have a short distance to the green but ball is lying on a ridge of grass between the fairway and rough.

Hitting Against the Grain

The ball is lying down in tall grass that is growing towards you, against your target line.

Soft Greenside Rough

You have a good lie in the thick rough but need a soft greenside shot so that the ball floats to the green and stops immediately upon landing.

Light Rough

Your ball landed in the light rough, still a long distance from the green. The grass is pointing away from you, towards the target.

Deep Rough

Your ball is lying in the deep rough and you usually have difficulty reaching the green because you use a sweeping or scooping motion.