Category: Rough

The Flop Shot

You desperately need a high lob that will stop quickly because there is very little green to work with, the green is fast, or sloping way from you.

Swinging on a Steeper Plane

You need to improve your ability to escape from the deep rough. You have a problem hitting more grass than the ball due to a flat swinging plane. This will cause you to close your clubface and the ball will fly left of the target.

Green Shot Out of the Light Rough

The ball is lying in the low to medium rough and the pin is very close to the fringe.

Cushioned Grass

Your ball lands in an island of grass in the middle of a sand bunker next too the green or in a cushioned greenside rough.

Rough near the Green

You find yourself in greenside rough and want the ball to get up into the air. You might also have problems skulling shots from the rough because you only brush the top of the grass.

How to Punch

There is a crosswind, a headwind, or your ball is stuck in the rough and under a tree or another obstacle, forcing you to take a short and low shot.

The Floater or Parachute Shot

You are in the rough with an obstacle blocking the green. So you need to hit the ball so that it flies high and short with a soft landing.

Hit From a Powderly Lie

Your ball is in or surrounded by pine needles, twigs, leaves, or dirt. Remember, you cannot move the ball without taking a penalty. If you remove anything from under the ball and it moves, you need to replace the ball and add a on a stroke before even taking the shot.

Tall Grass is Rough

The tall grass is wrapped around your ball or is sitting in the rough.

Hardpan Lie

You need to pick the ball up cleanly off of the surface of the hardpan.