Category: Slicing

Home Drill

You keep hitting to the left or right and you know the clubface is square at impact.

Fast Slice

You have a fast swing but are slicing the ball.

Eliminate Your Slice

You slice the ball with your driver and woods.

Slicing Checklist

You are slicing the ball.

Slice or Release

You slice the ball while using your driver and woods.

Correcting Slicer

You are slicing the ball.

Swing the Flag

You slice the ball and leave deep divots.

Swing Plane Drill

You slice your drives due to an over the top swing.

Slicing With Irons

Someone told you to pronate and supinate your wrists in order to kill your slice but you do not know what this means or how to do it.

Rotate the Bag

You slice the ball or want to get more of a draw.