Category: Slicing

Rolling Wrists

You do not feel a natural hinge in your wrists as you take the club back and notice that the ball either pulls or slices.

Grip Position

Hooking, pulling, or slicing due to poor hand position.

Collar Drill

You want to draw the ball without making any adjustments to your swing or have a weak slice.

Fast Unwind

You are slicing your drives and naturally have a steep swing.

Copy the Clubface

You hit inconsistently, hook, or slice the ball without a known cause.

Lead Shoulder

You tend to slice the ball when you are trying to get a little extra distance on your tee shot.

Turning Left

You are a right handed player that slices the ball and aiming your feet left does not help. So for a left handed player, you notice that aiming your feet right is not helping your slice.

Slicing Under Pressure

You tense up and slice the ball.

Baseball Drill

You want to increase power and distance. You start the downswing with your forward arm, causing slices and topped balls.

Swing Inside

You slice the ball and want to draw the ball from right to left.