Category: Slicing

The Softball Drill

You are slicing for an unknown reason. Your shoulders might be more open to the target than your hips at contact or you swing on an out-to-in path, causing contact off of the center of the clubface, resulting in a slice.

Slow Down Your Swing

You are swinging your woods too fast, causing a loss of distance or an unpredictable ball flight. You might even swing so quickly that you stand up straighter during the forward swing, leading to a slice.

How to Initiate Your Backswing

Unable to gain momentum due to a poor path, plane, and tempo. If you focus too much on turning your torso without any wrist cock, it will cause you to swing outside of the target line. This can result in a push, pull, or even a snap hook. A very common problem results from not bringing…

Push or Slice

For a right handed golfer, the ball flies to the right but you are unsure if it is a push or a slice that is causing it.

The Ball Is Below Your Feet

Getting a fade, slice, or duffing because the toe of your club touches the ground first and opens the face of the club.

Hitting From a Divot for Low Trajectory

Clubface opens at impact or needing a low trajectory.

Stop Slicing Your Putts

You make a long, wristy stroke with your shoulders open and elbows are spread too wide. Due to this set up, you probably play the ball too far forward so the face of the putter to appears to be open and you swipe across the ball causing you to slice your putts.

Slicing Due to a Poor Setup

Addressing the ball with your shoulders aligned too far to the left will cause you to slice. Many people make the mistake of lifting their left heel during the backswing, which is one of the most common causes of a slice.

A Balanced Arm Pull

Hitting fat, hooking, or slicing due to being pulled way from the ball in the backswing and pulled into the ball on the downswing, causing you to pull up. You will hit the ball off the toe or you?ll top it if you pull up too fast. You will hit the ball on the heel of the club, shank it or…

A Three Dimensional Swing for Better Contact

Failure to make proper contact with the ball due to a poor swing; causing you to hook, slice, top, or duff. You fail to make solid contact if you move your right elbow up and down because you don?t get the depth you need to make a full backswing turn.