Category: Tee Box

Improve Your Downswing

The ball skips or hits the ground when teeing off before it rises into the air. Very often, this is because the person favors their irons, where they are used to making more of a downward blow at impact.

With Long Leverage, Gain Great Power

Need for more power and distance.

Hitting Harder at Impact

Straightening your arms too quickly and reducing the power of your swing.

Pre Turn for Leverage

You have trouble with your takeaway and have a need to maximize leverage for a more powerful swing.


Needing compression for better ball flight in both distance and direction.

How to Play a Dogleg

Doglegs forcing you to play safety shots.

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

Slicing Due to a Poor Setup

Addressing the ball with your shoulders aligned too far to the left will cause you to slice. Many people make the mistake of lifting their left heel during the backswing, which is one of the most common causes of a slice.

First Tee Jitters

Unable to relax, focus, or swing as you normally would at the first tee of the game.

Hit a Power Fade

You need a fade without hooking or drawing the ball.