Category: Tee Box

How Hit a Two Iron

Trying to hit the two iron too hard resulting in poor contact. Some people also try to bend too much at the waist, causing a flatter swing arc and low ball flight.

How to Get a Draw and a Fade

Needing a draw or a fade to make it around doglegs or other obstacles.

Brace For More Power

Slicing, hitting fat, or topping.

Prevent Tilts and Sways in Your Swing

Many people sway or tilt during their swing because they are not turning at the hips correctly. This will cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift, and take the club off of its swinging path.

Find a Sweet Spot for Sweet Shots

Hitting off of the toe or heel of the club face causing hooking, slicing, or poor distance. Teeing the ball up to high can cause you to make contact too low on the clubface.

Gain Five to Ten Yards

You need to hit the ball a few yards further.

Tug of War Driving

Need to create leverage and power in your swing.

Create Compression and Spin Like the Pros

You need to learn how to build up compression and spin.

Over Acceleration

Slicing the ball is your biggest problem but that is only because you have such a fast swing.

Keep Your Right Pocket Empty

Keeping extra balls or a pocket watch in your right pocket, cell phone clipped on your right side, or other objects that will interfere with your right arm through your hitting area.