Category: Tee Box


You are easily distracted by cars, people, or simple noises on the course while you are preparing to tee off.

The Hang Back

You want to hit more powerful drives.

Extra Knee Flex

You need to create leverage for a more powerful swing.

Over the Top Slice

You only have an over the top slice when you try to make a powerful drive.

Keep It Simple

You are caught up thinking about tons of details about your golf swing that you are no longer getting the distances you need from your drives.

Develop Lag

You have been feeling the yips during your full swing or you would like to delay your release while driving the ball.

Start Slow

You have been trying to add a greater turn to your swing but now you find that you are slicing the ball.

Draw it Low

Something goes wrong when you try to hit a low draw.

Ankle Roll

You want more distance off of your tee shot or more power from your full swings.

Bad Slice Correction

You are slicing the ball off of the tee box and cannot correct it by swinging more around the ball. However, this only causes the ball slice even worse or you hook the ball instead.