Category: Tee Box

Knees For Speed

You have a good swing but you would love to get more distance off of your tee shot.

Popup Slice

You see a lot of popups and slices while driving the ball.

Point Your Chin

You have a hard time getting enough loft, distance, and accuracy out of your long clubs.

Sliding Hips

Your hips keep moving sideways during full swings.

Slicing Checklist

You are slicing the ball.

Head Up

You cannot seem to get a good coil and keep your head down at the same time.

Better Rhythm

You need an easy way to establish a more natural rhythm and feel to your distance swings.

Hit Impulse

You often try to hit the ball as hard as you can and have a horrible tee shot because of it.

Feel Your Rhythm

You always hear about people talk about the rhythm and flow of their swing but you have never noticed it in your swing.

Overactive Arms

You cannot figure out why you need to rotate your arms so much in order to make flush contact with the ball.