Category: Tee Box

Be Angry

You want longer drives; however it is hard for you to take a faster forward swing than your backswing.

Tee Jitters

You can never seem to get a good drive off of one specific tee box.

Worm Burners

You see a lot of worm burners.

Buckle Drill

You want to make longer drives.

A Straight Back

Your round started out great but all of a sudden you are not able to make a full shoulder turn without losing balance or slide your hips towards the target.

Way Outside

You have an over the top swing that is too far outside of the target line.

More Wrist Hinge

You feel like you are coming in and over the top or the clubhead travels to the ball too much from the inside.

Muscle Memory

You play poorly on the first few holes.

See Your Hands

Your friends call you an army golfer because you swing hard and the ball tends to fly off to the left and right of the target.

Step Over Shot

You want more distance and you have the tendency of keeping your body weight on your back leg or you are getting under the ball too much.