Category: Tee Box

Extend Through It

You want to gain extra distance off of your tee shots.

Over Rotating

You hook your drives.

Pronounced Waggle

You lose distance and notice that you do not make much of a turn during the backswing.

Forward Foot Drill

You want to get a little more clubhead speed at the bottom of your swing.

Stack It

You want to get the most distance out of your tee shots or you find that you are losing power.

Weight Back

You plan on trying to add a little more power to your drives.

Grip Position

Hooking, pulling, or slicing due to poor hand position.

Controlled Fade

You want to hit a power fade to help the ball around a dogleg or for playing in crosswinds.

Tee Tension

You have difficulty relaxing just before an important tee shot or first round of the day.

Gripping the End

You want to gain a few extra yards off of your tee shots.