Category: Tee Box

Shallow Drag

You need extra yardage when driving.

Two Iron

You are not good at using your woods but need to make a long and accurate tee shot.

Back for Distance

You want to hit the ball further off of the tee box.

Head Movement

You look up too soon to see where the ball is going or try to keep your head perfectly still.

Short Punch

You need to accurately lay-up your tee shot.

Prevent Swaying

Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.

Pop Up

The ball pops straight up into the air and only flies a few feet on your tee shot.


You suffer from weight shift problems. This could include finishing your swing with your body weight onto the back foot and lose power due to a reverse C finish or you do not transfer your weight from your front foot onto your back foot into a reverse pivot.

Stand Open

You want more distance on your tee shots.

Driver Yips

Your tee shots are very unpredictable and you cannot pinpoint a cause for it. You might even notice a jerking sensation in your arms or hands at impact.