Category: Tee Box

Drive In Play

You play poorly on holes that are either very long or narrow.

Driving Low

You want extra distance or it is windy so you need to keep the ball low.


You hit a sky ball when trying to gain extra distance off of the tee box.


You and a friend want to find a fun way to improve your accuracy in driving the ball.


You want to increase the power and velocity of your swing.

Long Shot Drill

You have difficulty hitting full shots.

Tension Release

You have difficulty relaxing your arms and body before teeing off.

Reverse Pivot

You lose distance because you allowed your back shoulder to drop into a reverse pivot.

Fly Far and Land Quick

You want to hit a slight draw with a 3 or a 5 iron off of the tee but you need the ball to stop quickly with limited roll.

The Chicken Wing

Your ball hooked to the left side of the fairway due to a closed clubface at contact. You might have noticed that your forward arm formed into a chicken winged shape.