Category: Wedges

Wristy Chipper

Your hands are too active while chipping.

Low Lob

You want a low, spinning lob shot or you need better control over the distance and direction of your iron shots.

The Feel Player

You want to develop a better feel for pitching.

Flop It

You have a hard time making flop shots with your sand wedge.

Block Out the Flag

You do not know how long the length of your swing should be when using wedges.

Curling Under

The ball flies unpredictably or bounces too much on the green while chipping because the trailing hand turns over the leading hand too quickly.

Rubber Band Chip

You flick your wrists while chipping which causes you to lose loft and the ball flies further than desired.

One Handed Chip

You have difficulty chipping and the ball flies left or right of the target.

Sand Weight Shift

You have difficulty swinging in the sand due to a poor weight distribution.

Wedge Catch

You lose power when pitching due to excessive hinging of the wrists. This causes your swinging arc to become too narrow.