Category: Wedges

Flop Chip

You are usually unsuccessful at chipping due to excessive wrist movements.

Short Pitch and Run

You are not comfortable pitching the ball onto a green with a low fringe from about 40 yards away.

Firm Wrists

You top the ball, hit it thin or fat when chipping due to an excessive wrist action. You might even notice the back of your forward hand collapse during impact.

Contact with the Sand

You normally make a good swing in the sand but you noticed on a new course that the flange does not move into the sand at the correct point, resulting in a flubbed sand shot.

The Three Wood Chip

The ball landed against the fringe. Using a pitching wedge usually leaves you with an uncontrollable ball flight due to using too steep of a swing or you come up too short because of decelerating your swing at contact.

HORSE Short Game

You and a friend want to find a fun way to improve your chipping, lobbing, and pitching abilities.

Fried Egg

The ball landed in the sand bunker in a crater of soft and dry sand, causing it to look like a fried egg.

Long Versus Short Bunker Shots

You need to learn or improve on how you play from long and short distances from the green when stuck in a sandtrap.

Pitching Swing Lengths

You need to learn how far you should bring your hands back while pitching.

Common Sand Errors

You have difficulty in the sand bunkers but are unable to pinpoint the cause.