Category: Wedges

Common Pitching Errors

You are having difficulty pitching and cannot pinpoint the problem.

Use the Bounce

You consistently have a hard time hitting out of a sand bunker because you do not know how to play the bounce of your sand wedge.

Downhill Sidehill Chip

You need to chip over the rough while facing a sidehill, downhill shot about 40 feet away from the pin.

Soft Greenside Rough

You have a good lie in the thick rough but need a soft greenside shot so that the ball floats to the green and stops immediately upon landing.

Pitching Too Short

You normally aim for the hole and this encourages the ball to land before reaching the hole.

Long Bunker Shot

You face a long sand bunker shot.

Full or Compacted Wedge

You are about 125 yards from the pin but are unsure if you should use a full or compacted wedge shot.

Delay Your Release

You are great at hitting your long irons but cannot successfully achieve making the more difficult wedge shots.

In Greenside Water

Your ball is partially submerged in water near the green.

The Steep Uphill Shot

Your ball landed in a grassy bank about ten yards away from the pin. However, you now have a steep uphill shot to get it up onto the green.