Category: Wedges

The Short Iron Punch

The wind is blowing into your face and you are about 100 yards from the pin.

The Flop Shot

You desperately need a high lob that will stop quickly because there is very little green to work with, the green is fast, or sloping way from you.

The Sand Wedge Pitch

You face a downhill lie about 60 yards from the flag.

Greenside Cut Shot

There is a hazard or an obstacle blocking a clear shot to the green.

Divot Shot Near the Green

You need to hit the ball out of a divot that is only a short distance from the green.

Overshooting a Chip Shot

You always hit past the pin when chipping even though you try hard to get the ball up into the air.

Hitting Onto the Green

You hit straight at the pin and are almost always left with a difficult putt or it rolls off the green.


You shank the ball; this causes the ball to fly off towards the right after making contact with the neck of the club. It happens because you swing too fast, off plane, over-the-top or away from your body. It is common to shank the ball if you are playing an extreme fade from a sand bunker.…

Downhill Lie Near the Lip

Your ball landed in the sand bunker near a high lip and to make matters worse, it is also on a downhill lie.

Fat Pitch

You decelerate your swing during short shots or try to scoop the ball up while pitching, only to find that the ball flies short. Another possible cause of a fat pitch is that you are only shifting your hips and your upper body stays behind the ball; the club will then bottom out too soon for a thin or fat contact.