Category: Wedges

Cushioned Grass

Your ball lands in an island of grass in the middle of a sand bunker next too the green or in a cushioned greenside rough.

Short Bunker Shot Over a High Lip

Your ball is sitting up in a greenside bunker and it has a high lip to it.

Lobbing With Too Much Wrist Cock

You lose distance and make large divots because you are cocking your wrists too much when using your lob wedge.

Prevent Scooping Your Wedges

You scoop the ball with your wedges in attempt to get the ball airborne but just the opposite happens. This causes you to hit the ball thin or fat.

Chipping Yips

You shank, top, or hit the ball thin because you jerk the club or the clubhead is taking an upswing instead of a downward blow.

The Flubbed Pitch

You are flubbing your pitches because you are either slowing down during your downswing or the ball is placed too far forward in your stance.

Hit Out of a Divot

Your ball landed in a divot and you end up skulling it. When you scoop the ball, you make contact with the leading edge of the club, causing it to skull the ball.

The Windy Downhill Sand Shot

It is windy out and you find your ball on a downhill slope in the sand.

Pitch Close To the Pin

You tend to scoop the ball because you lean the shaft forward and place the ball too far back in your stance, thereby reducing loft. You need to improve your pitching to take strokes off of your game.

Rough near the Green

You find yourself in greenside rough and want the ball to get up into the air. You might also have problems skulling shots from the rough because you only brush the top of the grass.