Category: Wedges

Sand Grip

You struggle hitting a golf ball out of the sand.

Narrow Your Focus

You need to more accuracy around the green.

Low for Control

You want more control over your wedge shots.

Fast Chipper

You are having difficulty controlling the speed of your arm swing while chipping.

Why Hit Down

You do not understand why you need to hit down on the ball with your irons.

Greenside Thick Rough

The ball is lying deep in the rough and the pin is very close to the fringe.

Bounce To the Flag

You have a firm lie near the green.

Why Bump and Run

You cannot decide if you should hit a bump and run.

High Lofted Wedge

You want to control the distance of your high wedge shots.

Restricted Chipper

You are having a hard time taking an easy swing while chipping the ball.