Category: Wedges

Abbreviated Pitch

You have a hard time stopping your swing halfway for making an abbreviated swing while pitching.

Hesitant Pitch

You keep slowing your swing before hitting the ball while pitching the ball.

Around the Green Strategy

You are having a hard time making shots around the green.

Poor Wedge Play

Your putting and long game are great but you seem to gain the most number of strokes around the green.

Bow Legged Golf Swing

You are unintentionally decelerating your swing with short irons and wedges.

Point Your Elbow

You need to improve on your pitch shots.

Less Spin

You need to learn how to reduce the spin on the ball while hitting short wedge shots.

Inconsistent Wedge Shots

You are having inconsistency problems while attempting to change the distances of your wedge shots.

Spin It

You wonder why you are getting more roll than you are used to on a new course while chipping.

Rotate It Open

You are digging the club deep into the ground while pitching or you want to improve your pitches.