Category: Wedges

Know Your Wedges

You never seem to decide which of your wedges to use.

Improve Your Wedge Shots

You are looking for a golf drill to help you with your wedge shots.

Rough Bluegrass Lie

You are not used to playing on bluegrass. To make matters worse, the ball landed in rough.

Accelerating a Pitch

You cannot seem to accelerate the club while pitching without over swinging your arms.

Weaken Your Grip

You cannot seem to get a nice, soft landing on the green when you try to hit a high shot.

Low Chip

You need to hit the green from thirty yards away but you do not want a really high or low shot.

Gentle Pitch

You have pretty good lie in the rough and want to pitch it softly on the green.

Swing Speed Control

You can never seem to find the correct speed to swing during your pitch shots.

Inconsistent Chips

You suddenly cannot chip well. One minute you are digging the club deep into the ground and the next you shanking or skulling the ball.

Fat Pitches

You have been hitting all of your pitches fat.