Category: Wedges

Unintentional Scooping

You tend to scoop the ball while chipping and cannot seem to stop yourself from doing it.

Add Spin

You are near the green and want to add a lot of spin on the ball.

Flopping Chips

You have been flopping your chips.

Tight Greenside Lie

You have a tight lie about 35 feet away from the green with a bunker between you and the green.

Ground Hitting

You hit the ground first while chipping the ball.

Generate Spin

You are a short distance from the hole and you want to create spin.

Fat and Thin Pitches

You are hitting your pitch shots fat or thin.

Mini Pitch

You are near the green and want the ball to roll like a putt.

Active Wrists

Your wrists are too active during your wedge shots.

Skid Trick

You are less than 40 yards from the flag but you need to keep the ball low.