Category: Wedges

Not Scooping It

You know you are making a V style swing yet it feels as if you are trying to scoop your chips.

Crisp Chips

You need to improve on your chipping.

Pitch and Run

You want to get the ball just over the fringe with plenty of roll across the green.

Wedge Spin

You need the ball to stop close to the hole or you are not getting as much spin with your wedges as you should.

Palm It

You feel that you have the proper setup and swing mechanics to chip the ball. Yet, you are having difficulties chipping but cannot pinpoint the error.

Address Your Chips

You are suddenly having a hard time with your chip shots.

Hard Shots

You practice at the driving range, you can drive far and putt well yet you still have the highest score in your group.

Tense Chips

You cannot hit a chip shot when you are tense.

False Front

The flag is close to the edge of the green and you want it to land between the fringe and the flag. However, there is some nasty rough near the edge of it.

Longer Follow Through

You have difficulties making your chip shots under pressure.