Category: Wedges

Less Backspin

You want to get less backspin around the green.

Pulled Wedge

You are an aggressive player and are pulling or hooking your wedges.

Soft Lob

You have difficulty hitting a lob shot that stops softly on the green.

Lob Cut

You have a very little amount of green to work with and want to hit a short, high shot.

Greenside Grip

You have been playing golf for a while now but all of a sudden you are no longer making greenside shots.

Fold the Elbows

You want to improve your pitches.

Machine Green Drill

You need to work on your short game.

Approach Wedge

You are in between two yardages for your wedges.

Lighter Grip Lob

You have a tendency to grip the club too tight and you are having difficulties with your lob shots.

Reverse Pivot Flop

Every time you try to make a short flop shot you seem to make a reverse pivot.