Category: Wedges

Running Low

You have a hard time keeping the ball low while hitting a chip and run.

Back Shoulder

You hit the ball fat or thin when you are pitching.

Seventy Percent

You want to improve on how you practice.

Soft Flop

The ball is sitting against the outer edge of the fringe, so the clubface will move through taller grass than what the ball is sitting on.

Chunked Pitch

You hit the ball with the leading edge of the club or dig large divots that start before the ball and the ball barely moves when you use your wedges.

Undulating Green

You need to pitch the ball up onto an elevated, undulating green from about ten yards away. However, you are worried that the ball will roll off of the green if goes too far or short.

Scooping It

You know you are supposed to hit down on the ball with your irons but you still seem to scoop with them.

Half Wedge Shot

You are at a distance that is in between two of your wedges.

Wedge Tempo

You have difficulty hitting your wedges.

Pitch and Stop

The pin is towards the back of the green with a steep slope behind it.