Category: Wedges

No Flip

The ball is above your feet and you are a short distance from the hole.

Chili Dipping

You hit the ball fat or hit the ground instead of the ball when trying to chip the ball up onto the green.

Partially Plugged

Your ball is partially plugged in the sand bunker so that it is less than half buried with little or no crater around it.

Deep Pitches

You notice that you have really deep divots after taking a pitch shot.

Pitching Drill

You are getting more distance out of your pitch shots than desired.

Rolling Lob

You are seeing too much distance and roll on your lob shots.

Inconsistent Chips

The trajectories of your chip shots are very inconsistent.

High Lob

You need a high lob shot.

Unified Chipping

You allow one arm to control too much or you need better a feel for your chips.

Overactive Lob

Your lower body is too active while trying to make lob shots.