Category: Woods

Two Iron

You are not good at using your woods but need to make a long and accurate tee shot.

One Unit

You swing too much with your hands or arms or possibly allow your shoulders to control your swing. This will cause you to have a poor tempo or swing too fast.

Head Back

You are more successful with your irons than when using your woods. This is because when you use the irons, you use a more descending blow but when you are using your woods with this same swing style, you lose all of your power and speed into the ground.

Heeling and Blocking

Hitting off of the heel of the club with your woods. Pushing or slicing your irons due to a blocking action with your irons.

Draw Your Tee Shot

You need to draw the ball in order for it to land on the fairway. When you draw the ball, it should start to fly towards the right of the target line then curves left.

Hitting off of the Heel

You might be attempting to aim right of the target but find yourself heeling the ball or are shanking the ball with flight towards the right.

Slow Down Your Swing

You are swinging your woods too fast, causing a loss of distance or an unpredictable ball flight. You might even swing so quickly that you stand up straighter during the forward swing, leading to a slice.

Tight Fairways

You are about to tee up but notice that the fairway is very narrow or there is brush obstructing a clear shot.

Hitting Harder at Impact

Straightening your arms too quickly and reducing the power of your swing.


Needing compression for better ball flight in both distance and direction.