Category: Yips

Guiding finger

You are having a hard time putting straight along your line or have the yips.

Happy Easter

Golf feels more stressful than fun or your hands shake just before impact.

Rocking Knee Putt

You have tried changing your grip, putters, and even swing style. Yet, you still have the putting yips.

Putter Yips

You think you suffer from the yips.

Yips or Pressure

You suspect that you have the yips because you see unpredictable speed and direction.

Driver Yips

Your tee shots are very unpredictable and you cannot pinpoint a cause for it. You might even notice a jerking sensation in your arms or hands at impact.

Tripod Putting

Your putting stroke is often jerky or outside of the intended putting line. This could be caused by placing your bodyweight onto your putter, forming a tripod setup.

Straight Putting

You are cutting across the ball when putting. The ball rolls much slower and off the intended target line.

Solid Wrist for Solid Putts

You come a few feet short of the hole because you allowed your top wrist to break down at impact. This causes the blade of the putter to pass your hands at contact.

Putting Yips

You have the yips and you have already tried to cure them with positive thoughts with no success.