Category: Yips

Chipping Yips

You shank, top, or hit the ball thin because you jerk the club or the clubhead is taking an upswing instead of a downward blow.

Grips for the Yips

You are unable to make smooth putting strokes during short putts due to jerking or pushing the putter. Sometimes you might even notice a tingling sensation or are unable to stay still when standing over the ball.

The Chip Putt

You have difficulty with long putts and this is probably because you bend over more than necessary when attempting a long stroke. You are less likely to perceive the distance between your lie and pin correctly if you bend over too much. This is because you tilt your head during your pre-swing…

Long Putts

You miss-hit, use too much wrist action, or do not take enough backstroke on long putts.

Overusing Hands and Wrists While Putting

Putts are unpredictable because you move your wrists too much during the stroke.

Stop Slicing Your Putts

You make a long, wristy stroke with your shoulders open and elbows are spread too wide. Due to this set up, you probably play the ball too far forward so the face of the putter to appears to be open and you swipe across the ball causing you to slice your putts.

Simple Fix for Yips

The clubface opening and closing inconsistently to help compensate for poor alignment or because you perceive the swing is completed once contact is made with the ball.