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How to Punch


There is a crosswind, a headwind, or your ball is stuck in the rough and under a tree or another obstacle, forcing you to take a short and low shot.


Use a club with loft, nothing less than a 5 iron. Take a three quarter swing or less so that the length of the swing is short and the clubhead does not get tangled up in the grass. Be warned, if you hit this shot too hard then it will likely result in an unpredictable spin.


In order to keep the ball low place it further back in your stance. Place the majority of your weight on your forward leg to help you keep it stiff and feel as if you are staying ahead of the ball. Choke down on the grip and take a three quarter swing. Keep your hands frozen and ahead of the club throughout the swing. Your forward swing should be both steep and sharp. Your arms should bow a little at impact and the clubface should appear less lofted because of the steep downswing. To avoid getting loft, you should hold your position shortly after contact. Your ball will not fly as far as it normally would with the club due to the limited follow through. Remember, the feeling that you want to achieve, is to feel as if you are chasing the ball while the clubhead stays low to the ground throughout the swing.

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